Thursday, June 14, 2012

Concur Consultants Gearing Up for Vietnam

In 2011 U.S.oil company ExxonMobil is reporting a “potentially significant” gas discovery off the coast of Vietnam - they explained "We can confirm ExxonMobil Exploration and Production Vietnam Limited drilled its second exploration well offshore Danang in August 2011 and encountered hydrocarbons."

Now with a stream of talent requirements from energy suppliers in the region to help discover the South China Seas - Concur Consultants Asia has opened in Cambodia and is already gearing up to supply the talent that Viet Nam will need to produce its oil. 

More information on the Concur Consultants Asia Official Website

Concur Consultants Start up In Canada

Concur Consultants the Global Engineering Recruitment company have now started an office in Canada hiring for the Canada Oil Fields projects.

For more information view the Concur Consultants Home Page in Canada

The Light crude from the Bakken region of Saskatchewan and similar formations in Alberta, coaxed to the surface with the aid of horizontal drilling and hydraulic rock fracturing, represents a surprisingly large part of the new projected gain, CAPP vice-president Greg Stringham said.
Light oil output had been waning steadily for more than a decade as fields matured and the Alberta oil sands played an increasingly dominant role in Canadian energy production.

Sunday, May 20, 2012 - Global Recruitment Consultants

Concurme.comConcur is an engineering construction and oil and gas recruitment company that has been working in The Middle East since 2004.  The company employs a number of global executive consultants that work to place staff into Global Engineering jobs in the construction and oil and gas sectors.

You can visit the companies website @ or you can also search and visit the companies face book page.

Concur are one of the recruitment companies currently hiring for the Canadian Tar Flats projects, an oil extraction project of magnificent proportions as new technology now allows oil extraction to occur from tar based / oil sands. After extraction the oil can be turned into petroleum and is expected to supply a huge amount of oil over the next fifty years. have also been instrumentation in placing engineering staff into some of the largest recruitment placements in the Middle East.  Many of the super and mega projects in Dubai had staff that were sourced by Concur Consultants.

The firm should not be confused with Concur Recruit India that was a firm set up during the Dubai Boom to provide large scale construction workers for the Dubai projects and has been the subject of some controversy for its unethical behavior in placing and paying workers.  Concur Consultants has no association of connection with Concur India.